jeen-yuhs Review

Kanye West is a much talked about celebrity, majority of the time it is not a good thing. When Kanye West first came to the limelight I was a fan of his music. “Through the Wire” is my favorite song from him. So, when I saw the Jeen-yuhs docuseries on Netflix I knew I would watch it. I waited until all episodes were out so that I could binge watch it.

Jeen-yuhs follows Kanye as he tries to make a name for himself in the music industry. Coodie, who is the director and narrator of the series, gives us an inside look at all the work that Kanye did just to be able to release his first album. We get to see how his singles came about, his struggles after his car accident, the making of his first video. The first 2 episodes are all about the come up.

The dynamic changes in the last episode. The series goes from an inside look to Coodie feeling excluded. The last episode does take place years after the first 2 episodes but in my opinion, Coodie made it more about himself than Kanye. When we weren’t subject to Coodie’s complaining, we get to see just how much Kanye changed since his “College Dropout” days. This Kanye is more erratic. He can go from having a normal conversation to a rant. It’s kind of sad witnessing the state of his mental health and it puts things into perspective when you think about all the recent headlines.

I enjoyed the series and could definitely see myself watching the first 2 episodes again.

Rebelde Review

I love OG Rebelde! I would make sure that I was home by 6 pm so that I could watch the latest episode on the West coast channel of Univision. I was also a big RBD fan! I bought their albums and even went to see them in concert 3 times. When I saw that they were doing an updated version of Rebelde, I didn’t know what to think of it. Usually remakes are flops. Come to find out, the Netflix version is not a remake but an extension of Mexican Rebelde.

With that being said, I feel like producers could’ve done a better job with this. The season was too short which rushed story lines instead of taking its time to develop. An example of this is how quick we were introduced to La Logia and how quickly they were exposed. La Logia also pales in comparison to the Mexican version. Yes, they were bullies but they weren’t intimidating.

When it comes to the main characters, they were too stuck in their own world to be able to develop meaningful friendships with each other. Although they were in a band, they weren’t united. That’s why MJ did what she did at the end of the season. Everyone has their own agenda and with little character development it is hard to root for anyone. 

Instead of focusing on the characters, the show focused on the music. I was not a fan of the music at all. It lacked passion and ended up sounding like a KIDZ Bop version. The only good song from the soundtrack was the cover of “Si Una Vez.”

I know that there will be a season 2 so I hope that they focus on character development. The first season was entertaining but I’m looking for a connection.

Soy Georgina Review

I saw the trailer to Soy Georgina and I knew I had to watch it. Anything that involves Cristiano Ronaldo automatically peaks my interest. Georgina Rodriguez is in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, world famous soccer player. The series follows Georgina and details her rags to riches story.

Besides being Cristiano’s girlfriend and giving birth to 1 of his 4 children, I didn’t know much about her. A point that she makes by saying people know her name but few know who she really is. She met Cristiano in her early 20s while working retail at Gucci. From there, after a couple of encounters, they started dating and her life transformed into what it is today. A normal person turned social media influencer and mother of 4. I found their story to be similar to all those fanfiction stories I would read back in the day. Girl meets the boy of her dreams but he’s rich and powerful and she is just trying to make ends meet.

I enjoyed seeing her relationship with his children, especially the oldest one. As the oldest, he knows that Georgina is not his biological mother but she appears to be heavily involved in his life. It’s different from Cristiano’s twins, who she has been raising since they were born. She claims them as her own and I got the impression that she fell into that motherly role easily. I bet that’s one of the reasons why Cristiano loves her.

I saw her reality show as more of a docuseries. It was very curated with little conflict. I didn’t mind that Cristiano wasn’t involved in the series like one would expect. It’s her name on the show after all. It’s a small behind the scenes look at the woman behind the Instagram profile. I appreciated the bloopers at the end because it showed that although polished she doesn’t take herself too serious and is self-aware.

Inventing Anna Review

When my friend recommended Inventing Anna, I knew I had to watch it. I wasn’t aware that they were doing a show on Anna Delvey but I do remember reading the article referenced in the show a couple of years ago. I found it interesting how Anna was able to stay in pricey hotel rooms without having a credit card on file.

After watching the show, I understood. Everyone believed her German heiress act. Anna Delvey was going to fake it until she made it. She believed in her dreams and got buy-in from those she needed help from. If she didn’t believe in herself no one was going to believe her. She needed those people because without them she would never be able to fulfill her dreams.

No one believed her act more than Neff. Neff was the true definition of a ride or die chick. She had a justification for everything that Anna did which was crazy to me. I get that she was wrapped up in the circles that Anna traveled, something that she probably wouldn’t have experienced on her own, but she was doing too much to defend her considering Anna was just using her. There were several red flags throughout their friendship yet she ignored all of them! She didn’t even believe her boyfriend who tried to warn her about Anna. 

On the other end of the spectrum there is Rachel who went from being a victim to exploiting her. I understand going to the police to report the crime but I lost respect for her when she worked with them to have her arrested. As she was working with them she was still trying to remain friendly with Anna. It was like she wanted to remain Anna’s friend but she also wanted her to pay for her crimes. I also got the impression that she was ashamed of her involvement with the police. Her logic made no sense, especially when she started capitalizing on her situation. Had Rachel worked with the cops and sold her story, without continuing to engage Ana, then it would have been a different story. She was no true friend.

Anna was no true friend either. Anyone she kept close to her was for a reason. She was a con artist. She was able to scam Wall Street and multiple hotels! She had people fooled during her time in New York. She was living a good life. Sadly though, all good things do come to an end and she had to pay for her crimes.