JoJo Concert

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my first solo concert of the year. I’ve gone to concerts by myself before so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Besides, even when I go to a concert with someone, once the show starts I’m not paying attention to them. I’m paying attention to the artist.

I decided to try vlogging my trip to the venue (featured below). I had to basically rush once I got to New York because the line to JoJo concerts always starts early. It didn’t help that one only track was working coming in and out of the City. It was a windy day and definitely colder since the venue is close to the river but the wait was definitely worth it.

I have been a fan of JoJo since she first started. I have followed her career through her struggles with Blackground Records and her mixtapes. I’m proud of how far she has come and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing her live. This was my 3rd time!

She sang songs from all her albums and PJ Morton even came on stage to perform “Say So.” I had a great time and I’ll be making a compilation of my favorite moments of the night.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Growing up my mom always made soups. It would always be on a Saturday so that she had time to make tortillas. I was never a fan of those soups because I don’t like livestock chicken or oxtails. The only soup I would have was Lipton Noodle Soup or you guessed it, Cup Noodles. It wasn’t until I got older and started working when I started having soup for lunch.

Now, I’m a soup fan! I still don’t eat my mom’s chicken or beef soup but her chicken noodle soup is my all time favorite. She makes it different every time and I haven’t had a variation of it that I didn’t like! This time she added brussel sprouts and corn. I always like to add some lemon pepper and hot sauce to my bowl. It just enhances the flavors and I always go back for seconds.

Matte Blue Nails Removal

I’m currently taking a break from acrylic nails so I have a routine of switching out press on nails every 2 weeks. It was time to remove the matte blue press ons by Kiss. My nails stayed on for the 2 weeks but they did start to lose their shape. My right thumbnail also started to break so I just ended up cutting it down so it wouldn’t get caught on anything.

The method that I use to remove press on nails is just a flat tool that makes it easy to lift the press on from the nail bed. I always start from either the edge of the nail or from any area that the nail has started to lift. After 2 weeks the glue starts to wear off so the removal process doesn’t take too long.

After all nails are off I file them because they sometimes break during the removal. It also helps remove any leftover glue residue. Sometimes my nails grow long enough to be the same size as the press on so, if I need to, I cut my nails. This time I only cut one.

The final step is my favorite because using cuticle cream and lotion is a daily routine. This allows my hands to be soft and also gives my nails a nice look.

Amazon Unboxing III

Sometimes shopping on Amazon is more convenient than going to the store. For this unboxing, I received some essentials like Q-tips and panty liners. There isn’t much to say about these since they are commonly purchased items.

What was new was the Fujifilm mini film. My Instax camera needed new film so off I went to buy some more. I like to use my camera when I’m with my family. I’ll just pull out the camera and start taking pictures. It definitely reminds me of how we used to take pictures back in the day. The camera is also a hit with everyone!

The best thing to arrive in this box was the AirPods Pro case. I’m very picky when it comes to AirPods cases because I like the ones that have the lid attached to the body. I find it more secure if the case is in one piece. There’s rarely cute one piece cases so I stuck with a basic silicone design. The one I purchased came with a carabiner and hand strap. Both are really useful!

The last item in the box was for my coffee starter pack. I bought the Atlas Coffee Club because it included coffee beans from 4 different countries: India, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Peru. I got the beans so that the Mr. Coffee grinder from the last unboxing could be put to use. This was the only item I was waiting for to complete the starter pack and I was finally able to give it to my friend.

Trying Something New

Back in January I mentioned that I was going to be trying new things. After much thinking and coming up with all the details I decided that I would invest in my creativity. For this reason, I decided to create a separate social media account where I could post things that my family and friends on my personal account wouldn’t understand.

I introduce SB Vibezzz as my creative outlet where I experiment with picture and video editing. SB Vibezzz will feature unboxings, unbaggings, beauty, and food. I posted a short Reels on a whim when Instagram tried to block my account for suspicious activity a day after opening the account. Since it did well, not really sure how, I decided to keep it.

What does it mean for Savir Blogs? Increased content! The things that I post on SB Vibezzz translate to a blog post with more details that most people don’t bother reading on Instagram. But it won’t just be content from SB Vibezz on here. I also have life updates, reviews, and anything else that I feel like posting. 

Both Savir Blogs and SB Vibezzz are my way of bettering myself and hopefully there are people out there that can relate. Give me a follow so you won’t miss out. Let me know that you’re from here so I could follow you back!