Souvenir de la Voix

For the holidays I entered a competition that involved completing challenges for points. The reward was a gift card of up to $500. I entered the competition with the hope to win and use the money for lunch. Some of the challenges included visiting stores to scan QR codes, food pictures, and posting on social media. 

The photo above is from one of the challenges. It is a new mural in downtown Newark, behind the public library. This has become my favorite mural in the City because of its uniqueness. Titled “Souvenir de la Voix” it represents the concept of sharing traditions from one generation to the next. As a first generation American I understand the concept of traditions. Yes, I was born in the mighty old USA but I grew up as Salvadoran as I possibly could. My parents taught me their traditions and introduced me to all sorts of Salvadoran food. Being Salvadoran and embracing that culture is very much a part of me and I could never let that go.

Oh, and one last thing. I did win the competition!