Life Update 4.20

April is one of those months where you start yearning for warmer weather. Summer is right around the corner and thoughts of beaches and pools are on people’s minds. Not me though. The only thing I have in mind is how fast I need May to come! April is one of those months where there are too many things to do and too little time to accomplish it.

Savir Blogs: After speaking about how I was being consistent with posting, this month I haven’t posted as much. I realized that when I’m too busy at work it affects my motivation to do any other activity after work. I am trying to catch up so hopefully I can get back on schedule.

Weight: I have been so busy that I haven’t even had the motivation to work out after work. Usually I don’t worry too much about not being able to work out because I get a good walk in during work but this month has been too busy. On a normal work day I am able to close out all my rings on my watch but I’ve been slacking on that. I did get complimented on losing some weight so it looks like my exercises in March worked! 

Vacation: I haven’t taken a vacation since June 2021. This year I definitely plan on changing that! A problem that I’m seeing is that flights are expensive now! Flights are double what I usually pay. That definitely puts me at a disadvantage because I would have to save more so I could be able to vacation properly. There is nothing worse than vacationing with a tight budget! The good thing is I have some flight credits that I could use but I know it won’t be enough for all my travels. So far I have plans to go to Texas and California to visit family.

The good news is that although I’ve come across some minor challenges, free time is coming soon. I will be able to go back to my daily walks and a consistent posting schedule. Hopefully by the next life update I will have more positive things to share.

Copper Nails

Let me tell you the story of how I got to these copper nails. Originally, I wanted a nude nail. However, my skin color clashed horribly with the yellow undertones of the nude nails. I hated them! I didn’t want to go through the struggle of removing them and putting on a new set because it was already late so I took a chance and painted them. I knew that nail polish doesn’t stick to matte press on nails but I hoped that it would!

I used the ILNP polish in “Abundance (H)” and the results were much better. The copper was dark enough to cover the original matte color and I didn’t see any signs of the nail polish lifting. I topped it off with the Holo Taco top coat and cuticle cream plus lotion. I was happy with the final look.

Pre-COVID Affairs

Has your life changed since COVID? For me it definitely has. 2019 was one of my better years in life. I traveled to 4 different cities and was constantly going out. Then COVID happened. All of my plans for 2020 basically went down the drain and in 2021 I didn’t have the desire to do much.

Pictured above is a drink from one of the several restaurants that my coworkers and I would go to after work. For about 2 years, one could find us at the bar destressing. Now, everyone is in a different space. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it certainly is not, but the vibes are not the same. For me, I’d just rather be home drinking. I’ve lost the appeal of social drinking. I enjoy being in my own space, drinking at my own pace. The benefit to all of this is that it’s much cheaper and it makes me happy.

Washing Brushes I

I like to wash my makeup brushes every 2 weeks. I feel like once I got older and developed adult acne, it would be better if I got into the habit of washing my brushes frequently. I knew that doing it weekly was not something I could do so I settled with doing it on a bi-weekly basis.

The way that I like to wash my brushes is to fill up the bathroom sink with water and let them soak as I clean them one by one. My foundation/powder brushes and sponges are always the dirtiest because they are the most used. I do have eyeshadow brushes but I use a dry makeup brush cleaner in between uses. That makes it less brushes for me to wash which is a definite plus.

I’m trying out the Beauty Blender Solid Cleaner in Unscented. I normally use baby shampoo but I ran out. So far I like it because it does a good job at cleaning my brushes.

jeen-yuhs Review

Kanye West is a much talked about celebrity, majority of the time it is not a good thing. When Kanye West first came to the limelight I was a fan of his music. “Through the Wire” is my favorite song from him. So, when I saw the Jeen-yuhs docuseries on Netflix I knew I would watch it. I waited until all episodes were out so that I could binge watch it.

Jeen-yuhs follows Kanye as he tries to make a name for himself in the music industry. Coodie, who is the director and narrator of the series, gives us an inside look at all the work that Kanye did just to be able to release his first album. We get to see how his singles came about, his struggles after his car accident, the making of his first video. The first 2 episodes are all about the come up.

The dynamic changes in the last episode. The series goes from an inside look to Coodie feeling excluded. The last episode does take place years after the first 2 episodes but in my opinion, Coodie made it more about himself than Kanye. When we weren’t subject to Coodie’s complaining, we get to see just how much Kanye changed since his “College Dropout” days. This Kanye is more erratic. He can go from having a normal conversation to a rant. It’s kind of sad witnessing the state of his mental health and it puts things into perspective when you think about all the recent headlines.

I enjoyed the series and could definitely see myself watching the first 2 episodes again.

April Palette of the Month

For the month of April I decided to use the Ciate London The Editor Palette in New England. I got this palette from a friend and it’s probably the most colorful shimmery palette I have. I’m a neutral kind of gal for reference. Although I don’t like to use shimmery shades to go to work, I decided to use this palette to try something new.

I’m not bold enough yet to wear the blues but hopefully in time I will be. Color always causes me hesitation because I’m no makeup pro. Majority of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing, I just wing it and hope it looks good.

JoJo Concert

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my first solo concert of the year. I’ve gone to concerts by myself before so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Besides, even when I go to a concert with someone, once the show starts I’m not paying attention to them. I’m paying attention to the artist.

I decided to try vlogging my trip to the venue (featured below). I had to basically rush once I got to New York because the line to JoJo concerts always starts early. It didn’t help that one only track was working coming in and out of the City. It was a windy day and definitely colder since the venue is close to the river but the wait was definitely worth it.

I have been a fan of JoJo since she first started. I have followed her career through her struggles with Blackground Records and her mixtapes. I’m proud of how far she has come and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing her live. This was my 3rd time!

She sang songs from all her albums and PJ Morton even came on stage to perform “Say So.” I had a great time and I’ll be making a compilation of my favorite moments of the night.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Growing up my mom always made soups. It would always be on a Saturday so that she had time to make tortillas. I was never a fan of those soups because I don’t like livestock chicken or oxtails. The only soup I would have was Lipton Noodle Soup or you guessed it, Cup Noodles. It wasn’t until I got older and started working when I started having soup for lunch.

Now, I’m a soup fan! I still don’t eat my mom’s chicken or beef soup but her chicken noodle soup is my all time favorite. She makes it different every time and I haven’t had a variation of it that I didn’t like! This time she added brussel sprouts and corn. I always like to add some lemon pepper and hot sauce to my bowl. It just enhances the flavors and I always go back for seconds.

Souvenir de la Voix

For the holidays I entered a competition that involved completing challenges for points. The reward was a gift card of up to $500. I entered the competition with the hope to win and use the money for lunch. Some of the challenges included visiting stores to scan QR codes, food pictures, and posting on social media. 

The photo above is from one of the challenges. It is a new mural in downtown Newark, behind the public library. This has become my favorite mural in the City because of its uniqueness. Titled “Souvenir de la Voix” it represents the concept of sharing traditions from one generation to the next. As a first generation American I understand the concept of traditions. Yes, I was born in the mighty old USA but I grew up as Salvadoran as I possibly could. My parents taught me their traditions and introduced me to all sorts of Salvadoran food. Being Salvadoran and embracing that culture is very much a part of me and I could never let that go.

Oh, and one last thing. I did win the competition!

Rebelde Review

I love OG Rebelde! I would make sure that I was home by 6 pm so that I could watch the latest episode on the West coast channel of Univision. I was also a big RBD fan! I bought their albums and even went to see them in concert 3 times. When I saw that they were doing an updated version of Rebelde, I didn’t know what to think of it. Usually remakes are flops. Come to find out, the Netflix version is not a remake but an extension of Mexican Rebelde.

With that being said, I feel like producers could’ve done a better job with this. The season was too short which rushed story lines instead of taking its time to develop. An example of this is how quick we were introduced to La Logia and how quickly they were exposed. La Logia also pales in comparison to the Mexican version. Yes, they were bullies but they weren’t intimidating.

When it comes to the main characters, they were too stuck in their own world to be able to develop meaningful friendships with each other. Although they were in a band, they weren’t united. That’s why MJ did what she did at the end of the season. Everyone has their own agenda and with little character development it is hard to root for anyone. 

Instead of focusing on the characters, the show focused on the music. I was not a fan of the music at all. It lacked passion and ended up sounding like a KIDZ Bop version. The only good song from the soundtrack was the cover of “Si Una Vez.”

I know that there will be a season 2 so I hope that they focus on character development. The first season was entertaining but I’m looking for a connection.