Matte Blue Nails Removal

I’m currently taking a break from acrylic nails so I have a routine of switching out press on nails every 2 weeks. It was time to remove the matte blue press ons by Kiss. My nails stayed on for the 2 weeks but they did start to lose their shape. My right thumbnail also started to break so I just ended up cutting it down so it wouldn’t get caught on anything.

The method that I use to remove press on nails is just a flat tool that makes it easy to lift the press on from the nail bed. I always start from either the edge of the nail or from any area that the nail has started to lift. After 2 weeks the glue starts to wear off so the removal process doesn’t take too long.

After all nails are off I file them because they sometimes break during the removal. It also helps remove any leftover glue residue. Sometimes my nails grow long enough to be the same size as the press on so, if I need to, I cut my nails. This time I only cut one.

The final step is my favorite because using cuticle cream and lotion is a daily routine. This allows my hands to be soft and also gives my nails a nice look.

Makeup Pans & Replacements

It was definitely time to bring out some new makeup. I hit pan on some of my essential products and I was itching to try some of the new makeup that I had in my stash. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and L.A. Girl Pro.conceal Corrector were from 2019! Throughout the pandemic I didn’t wear makeup so I had ways to go in 2021 when I started wearing it again. It wasn’t until this year where it was time to call it quits. These 2 products have been my holy grail for years.

In case you’re wondering why I have so many mascara pans, I use about 2 mascaras daily. I’m always trying new ones because mascara is the one makeup item I wear because I love it. To go to work I would use the Hourglass Unlocked Mascara, which was too flaky for my liking. Even when it came time to remove it, it was flaky. Replacing it will be the Tarte Surfer Curl Mascara. On days when I’m up for it I will use the Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara and Nars Climax. They are holy grail products along with the Benefit Tinted Primer which is always my base. 

The last item on my pans list is your typical Cherry Chapstick. I have about 3 other chapstick/lip balms that I use depending on what’s within reach so that is why there is no replacement for it. I’m not a fan of the Chapstick brand because it’s more on the dryer side so you won’t be seeing me using it often.

I’m estimating that it will take me about 6 months to finish the concealers and I’ll be done with the Tarte and Benefit mascaras in about 3 months since those are constantly used.

Life Update 3.19

Between January and now I’ve been working towards multiple goals. I’ve developed habits that have given me a bit of structure in my life. It’s also allowed me to get comfortable with myself. I find that doing things on your own grants you the freedom to do whatever you want without the opinions of others.

Weight: The main goal is definitely to lose weight. I know in the past I have said that I wanted to lose 5 pounds but I hope to lose more. I am not exactly sure as to how many pounds because I’m not going by an actual number. This time I’m more focused on how clothes fit me because I have no intentions on buying new clothes. For me losing weight is free, shopping for clothes is not. A way I like to keep myself active is by closing all my rings on my Apple watch at least 5 times a week. I also try to complete the monthly challenges. I was on a 4 month streak but February was a difficult month to complete. Nonetheless, I didn’t get discouraged and I’m more than halfway through my March goal.

Savir Blogs: In case no one has noticed, I have been consistently posting for about a month. Savir Blogs is finally starting to be what I envisioned when I first started this blog – a place where I can talk about whatever I want without belonging to a specific niche. Oftentimes I see people so focused on appealing to a certain audience and for me that just builds more pressure causing me to feel unmotivated. I’m not saying that is not the way to go, I’m saying that does not work for me. I’m just writing about the things that I do in my life.

Social Media: I opened up 2 different social media accounts just to be able to try new things. During late 2021 I felt as though I should invest in bettering my creativity skills. I see a lot of cool things on the regular and I wanted to try and recreate it. The process of recording something, editing, and having a final product has become a form of “me” time. Whether I’m doing it in silence or with music blasting it’s a fun thing to do. I’ve been able to create different types of content that I’ll post at some point. I don’t feel a rush to post or looking to gain a following, I’m just trying to learn.

Overall these 3 things have been what I’ve been focusing on but spring and summer are around the corner. Hopefully I’m able to go out and explore.

Amazon Unboxing III

Sometimes shopping on Amazon is more convenient than going to the store. For this unboxing, I received some essentials like Q-tips and panty liners. There isn’t much to say about these since they are commonly purchased items.

What was new was the Fujifilm mini film. My Instax camera needed new film so off I went to buy some more. I like to use my camera when I’m with my family. I’ll just pull out the camera and start taking pictures. It definitely reminds me of how we used to take pictures back in the day. The camera is also a hit with everyone!

The best thing to arrive in this box was the AirPods Pro case. I’m very picky when it comes to AirPods cases because I like the ones that have the lid attached to the body. I find it more secure if the case is in one piece. There’s rarely cute one piece cases so I stuck with a basic silicone design. The one I purchased came with a carabiner and hand strap. Both are really useful!

The last item in the box was for my coffee starter pack. I bought the Atlas Coffee Club because it included coffee beans from 4 different countries: India, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Peru. I got the beans so that the Mr. Coffee grinder from the last unboxing could be put to use. This was the only item I was waiting for to complete the starter pack and I was finally able to give it to my friend.

Soy Georgina Review

I saw the trailer to Soy Georgina and I knew I had to watch it. Anything that involves Cristiano Ronaldo automatically peaks my interest. Georgina Rodriguez is in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, world famous soccer player. The series follows Georgina and details her rags to riches story.

Besides being Cristiano’s girlfriend and giving birth to 1 of his 4 children, I didn’t know much about her. A point that she makes by saying people know her name but few know who she really is. She met Cristiano in her early 20s while working retail at Gucci. From there, after a couple of encounters, they started dating and her life transformed into what it is today. A normal person turned social media influencer and mother of 4. I found their story to be similar to all those fanfiction stories I would read back in the day. Girl meets the boy of her dreams but he’s rich and powerful and she is just trying to make ends meet.

I enjoyed seeing her relationship with his children, especially the oldest one. As the oldest, he knows that Georgina is not his biological mother but she appears to be heavily involved in his life. It’s different from Cristiano’s twins, who she has been raising since they were born. She claims them as her own and I got the impression that she fell into that motherly role easily. I bet that’s one of the reasons why Cristiano loves her.

I saw her reality show as more of a docuseries. It was very curated with little conflict. I didn’t mind that Cristiano wasn’t involved in the series like one would expect. It’s her name on the show after all. It’s a small behind the scenes look at the woman behind the Instagram profile. I appreciated the bloopers at the end because it showed that although polished she doesn’t take herself too serious and is self-aware.

Amazon Unboxing II

I am a late gifter. I tend to wait until the last minute or sometimes after the fact to purchase a gift. I am a true procrastinator and people already know they’re just going to have to wait. The coffee grinder that I purchased from Amazon was one part of a coffee starter pack that I was gifting someone…for a Christmas gift. I liked the Mr. Coffee grinder because of the different settings. I also thought it was useful to have exact measurements since for me it’s hard to tell how much coffee to grind.

I purchased the ring light because when I decided to try and make videos I realized the light that I had wasn’t bright enough. I needed a ring light that would allow me to do overhead recording and I figured a clip on ring light would work for my needs. It has made the lighting brighter however the brightness only lasts for like 30 minutes. After that I noticed it started to dim causing me to charge it during filming breaks. I am looking for something that allows me to do overhead filming without being too bulky but I haven’t found anything I like.

Flor de Muertos Series Review

The other day I was scrolling through TikTok and I stumbled upon JohannaWithBooks who was recommending Latinx Kindle Unlimited books. Oftentimes I get tired of reading the same kind of books so I watched the video to see what would catch my eye. I ended up reading the Flor de Muertos Series by Jocelyne Soto because it dealt with cartels. Books dealing with cartels or the mob/mafia are always an interest to me! The series features 3 books: Vicious Union; Violent Attractions; and Vindictive Blood. Each book follows the love lives of the Morales siblings who happen to be the children of a cartel Kingpin.

My favorite book in the series was the second one, Violent Attractions. I liked that there was a backstory to both leads, Isabella and Santos, because it made me root for them. Their love story was the most complicated one out of the series but I found it to be believable. My favorite female lead was Camila from the third book, Vindictive Blood. Camila was the younger independent sibling. She took advantage of living on her own in another state. She was unapologetic about her actions which she knew would be frowned upon if her other siblings knew.

My least favorite book was Vicious Union, the first in the series. I found it to be too cliche with a Vegas wedding. It also had elements of machismo in the way that the lead, Serena, had to essentially give up her own life to be “safe.” There was also an unusual amount of grammar errors that took away from the story. 

The main villain throughout the series was Ronaldo, the dad. I didn’t understand how it took Leo, the older sibling, so long to figure it out. I think it was pretty obvious that he was the one calling hits on Serena. People always say that betrayal comes from those you least expect it. 

Overall it was a good series. Out of the 3 books I would probably reread Vicious Union and Vindictive Blood.

March Palette of the Month

I have a couple of eyeshadow palettes that I don’t use out of laziness. I say that I’m going to use them for special occasions but the reality of it is that those special occasions only come around like once a quarter. For that reason, I decided that this was the year that I would wear eyeshadow to work and I would rotate between the palettes that I have.

This month I decided to use Maybelline’s The City Mini Palette in Hi-Rise Sunset. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago (unbagging coming at some point) from Walgreens. I thought it was perfect for my preferred work eyelook – one color. It was also right up my alley in terms of color so I purchased it knowing that I really didn’t need any more palettes. My justification was that I was keeping up with my goal!

Inventing Anna Review

When my friend recommended Inventing Anna, I knew I had to watch it. I wasn’t aware that they were doing a show on Anna Delvey but I do remember reading the article referenced in the show a couple of years ago. I found it interesting how Anna was able to stay in pricey hotel rooms without having a credit card on file.

After watching the show, I understood. Everyone believed her German heiress act. Anna Delvey was going to fake it until she made it. She believed in her dreams and got buy-in from those she needed help from. If she didn’t believe in herself no one was going to believe her. She needed those people because without them she would never be able to fulfill her dreams.

No one believed her act more than Neff. Neff was the true definition of a ride or die chick. She had a justification for everything that Anna did which was crazy to me. I get that she was wrapped up in the circles that Anna traveled, something that she probably wouldn’t have experienced on her own, but she was doing too much to defend her considering Anna was just using her. There were several red flags throughout their friendship yet she ignored all of them! She didn’t even believe her boyfriend who tried to warn her about Anna. 

On the other end of the spectrum there is Rachel who went from being a victim to exploiting her. I understand going to the police to report the crime but I lost respect for her when she worked with them to have her arrested. As she was working with them she was still trying to remain friendly with Anna. It was like she wanted to remain Anna’s friend but she also wanted her to pay for her crimes. I also got the impression that she was ashamed of her involvement with the police. Her logic made no sense, especially when she started capitalizing on her situation. Had Rachel worked with the cops and sold her story, without continuing to engage Ana, then it would have been a different story. She was no true friend.

Anna was no true friend either. Anyone she kept close to her was for a reason. She was a con artist. She was able to scam Wall Street and multiple hotels! She had people fooled during her time in New York. She was living a good life. Sadly though, all good things do come to an end and she had to pay for her crimes.

Amazon Unbagging I

If there is one thing that I am guilty of, it is online shopping. I do a lot of it! I had been wanting to buy a box cutter to make it easier to get to all the products I’m too lazy to buy in store. I checked out Amazon and saw they had an Amazon Basics one so I bought it because I figured it would fit my needs. 

After a couple of uses, the retractable button isn’t as smooth as I would like it to be. I’m sure at some point it’s going to end up stuck. It comes with spare blades but I haven’t been able to open it to see them. I’m not trying to break a nail so I’ll just get someone to open it for me when I need to replace the blade. Overall, it was an ok purchase. Once I go through the blades or the retractable portion gets stuck I’ll just spend a couple of more dollars on a heavier duty one.