Flor de Muertos Series Review

The other day I was scrolling through TikTok and I stumbled upon JohannaWithBooks who was recommending Latinx Kindle Unlimited books. Oftentimes I get tired of reading the same kind of books so I watched the video to see what would catch my eye. I ended up reading the Flor de Muertos Series by Jocelyne Soto because it dealt with cartels. Books dealing with cartels or the mob/mafia are always an interest to me! The series features 3 books: Vicious Union; Violent Attractions; and Vindictive Blood. Each book follows the love lives of the Morales siblings who happen to be the children of a cartel Kingpin.

My favorite book in the series was the second one, Violent Attractions. I liked that there was a backstory to both leads, Isabella and Santos, because it made me root for them. Their love story was the most complicated one out of the series but I found it to be believable. My favorite female lead was Camila from the third book, Vindictive Blood. Camila was the younger independent sibling. She took advantage of living on her own in another state. She was unapologetic about her actions which she knew would be frowned upon if her other siblings knew.

My least favorite book was Vicious Union, the first in the series. I found it to be too cliche with a Vegas wedding. It also had elements of machismo in the way that the lead, Serena, had to essentially give up her own life to be “safe.” There was also an unusual amount of grammar errors that took away from the story. 

The main villain throughout the series was Ronaldo, the dad. I didn’t understand how it took Leo, the older sibling, so long to figure it out. I think it was pretty obvious that he was the one calling hits on Serena. People always say that betrayal comes from those you least expect it. 

Overall it was a good series. Out of the 3 books I would probably reread Vicious Union and Vindictive Blood.

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