Inventing Anna Review

When my friend recommended Inventing Anna, I knew I had to watch it. I wasn’t aware that they were doing a show on Anna Delvey but I do remember reading the article referenced in the show a couple of years ago. I found it interesting how Anna was able to stay in pricey hotel rooms without having a credit card on file.

After watching the show, I understood. Everyone believed her German heiress act. Anna Delvey was going to fake it until she made it. She believed in her dreams and got buy-in from those she needed help from. If she didn’t believe in herself no one was going to believe her. She needed those people because without them she would never be able to fulfill her dreams.

No one believed her act more than Neff. Neff was the true definition of a ride or die chick. She had a justification for everything that Anna did which was crazy to me. I get that she was wrapped up in the circles that Anna traveled, something that she probably wouldn’t have experienced on her own, but she was doing too much to defend her considering Anna was just using her. There were several red flags throughout their friendship yet she ignored all of them! She didn’t even believe her boyfriend who tried to warn her about Anna. 

On the other end of the spectrum there is Rachel who went from being a victim to exploiting her. I understand going to the police to report the crime but I lost respect for her when she worked with them to have her arrested. As she was working with them she was still trying to remain friendly with Anna. It was like she wanted to remain Anna’s friend but she also wanted her to pay for her crimes. I also got the impression that she was ashamed of her involvement with the police. Her logic made no sense, especially when she started capitalizing on her situation. Had Rachel worked with the cops and sold her story, without continuing to engage Ana, then it would have been a different story. She was no true friend.

Anna was no true friend either. Anyone she kept close to her was for a reason. She was a con artist. She was able to scam Wall Street and multiple hotels! She had people fooled during her time in New York. She was living a good life. Sadly though, all good things do come to an end and she had to pay for her crimes.

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