Amazon Unbagging I

If there is one thing that I am guilty of, it is online shopping. I do a lot of it! I had been wanting to buy a box cutter to make it easier to get to all the products I’m too lazy to buy in store. I checked out Amazon and saw they had an Amazon Basics one so I bought it because I figured it would fit my needs. 

After a couple of uses, the retractable button isn’t as smooth as I would like it to be. I’m sure at some point it’s going to end up stuck. It comes with spare blades but I haven’t been able to open it to see them. I’m not trying to break a nail so I’ll just get someone to open it for me when I need to replace the blade. Overall, it was an ok purchase. Once I go through the blades or the retractable portion gets stuck I’ll just spend a couple of more dollars on a heavier duty one.

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